Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adios Espana - Part Two

Reflection continued by David
(Truth be told, David provided this excellent reflection in one part, but the typist's eyes could only stay open for so long...)

This was a challenge for us and for the Spanish residents as well. I gained a new appreciation for the difficulties experienced by those who come to our country and have to deal with english as a new language.

As expected, we met people from all over the world. We traded our trinkets for their's, and took pictures with each other. Everyone was extremely nice. For example, when someone sneezed, they got 10 to 20 loud, "Bless You," instead of the single mumbled, "Bless You," you might get at home.

Pope Benedict
The Pope was definitely the central figure for the whole trip, as one might expect. Large crowds formed wherever he was expected. And upon his arrival they would go wild, shouting "Benedicto," and other chants in unison.

So how do I wrap it all up? By saying we accomplished our mission. We have all gained in our faith, and witnessed things we can bring home and share with others.

Firmes en la Fe.
Firm in the faith.

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