Monday, October 3, 2011

Music, music, music by Joanne Connolly

When Rebecca Black came out with her song “Friday,” everyone was posting it all over facebook. A friend asked me, “Why don’t people post good songs, to give the attention back to talented singers and songwriters?” So starting in around May, that’s what I did. Each day I post a new song on my facebook, and every Sunday I post what I like to call Jesus music. Since October is my favorite month, Oct 2nd (a Sunday) was one of my favorite Jesus songs, “Here I am to Worship.”

I first learned it at Gospel Road and I loved it then, but I loved it even more when we all sang it at catechesis; hundreds of pilgrims singing one song about one God.

Facebook has a feature that lets you “like” whatever people post. There is a “like” button and a “comment” button. When I post Jesus music, I don’t get a lot of responses. This song got the expected amount of “likes” from my Gospel Road friends and my pilgrim friend Sean. But the first person to “like” my song choice of the day was my boyfriend’s college friend. I was very surprised; usually my only responses on Jesus music are people that go to church with me, or went on Gospel Road with me. But it seems as though I found another who is Firm in the Faith.

(This is another unexpected circumstance that I saw during Stations of the Cross. A girl from Taiwan with a youngin from another country. No worries from the parents, either!)

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