Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And Our Story Continues...

Dragaroo Sean Longden proclaiming the First Reading.

Reflection submitted by Patty:
In July of 2008, our final Mass with the Boston Archdiocesan Team that attended World Youth Day in Australia took place next to the LAX ticket counter for our connecting flight home. There is no chapel at LAX. Is it a sign of the times? Is religion of any flavor so out of vogue, so non pc? We had just traveled half way around the world. Establishing the fact that, we are a pilgrim people.

Filled with the Holy Spirit, we made do. The altar: two luggage bins draped with a Hawaiian cloth. No pews, we 120 souls, crouched, sat on the floor or stood -- giving praise and thanks to our God, who alone gives light to our days. And those around us? Most quietly skirted the crowd, but others joined in. A better sign of the times?

Now three years and just about a month later we are off to World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, Spain. Some will roll their eyes and see our trek a fanciful vacation. Others may shake their heads and not see the point. And for these people I can equate their lack of understanding to that of a picky eater. Someone who refuses to try new food because it is different.

To them I say, "Go ahead, take a bite." Attend World Youth Day. It is for the youth in all of us. Feel what it is like to worship at a Mass with a million or more other Catholics. Listen to the word of God delivered and explained by our Holy Father. Watch the Stations of the Cross and learn what love truly is. Walk until your feet burn. Knowing each step along the journey mimics our own lives as we seek out God.

Recently someone asked, "Are you ready to go?" I answered by saying that I was quietly awaiting all that would be presented before me. Open to all that WYD 2011 will offer, for...

Many are the blessings He bears, To those who trust in His ways. ...

I know for a fact, with each step I take in pilgrimage, that I will never be the same.
T minus 10 days...


  1. Carpe diem (as a battle cry, not a slogan)!

  2. ...Oh the people you will meet and the places you will go - your life will never be the same again!! (Dr. Seuss)