Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Official Start of World Youth Day (Day 4)

Reflection by: Jeremy

This morning before the official start of World Youth Day our group went to the Almunida Cathedral next to the Royal Palace.

While we were at the Cathedral, we prayed using the banner signed by everybody from back home. While were going through the Cathedral we all began to see how big this World Youth Day is by the number of people walking around with us as we made our way across the room.

Later that evening World Youth Day officially began. The crowd that gathered for the evening Mass was more than most of us expected. During the Mass I began to realize how much we take for granted in having a Mass in our native language. I also was suprised by the way that we received communion because we have the option of receiving it either in our hands or in our mouth as opposed to only being able to receive it in the mouth. After my experience at the Opening Mass I am looking forward even more to the rest of the time at World Youth Day.


  1. Hello to all! Hope this gets through! Been following the blog - Thank you!
    Now watching the opening Mass on TV and will watch for you. Saw a few of you in the Archdiocese website photos. Looks and sounds wonderful! God bless!
    Ms Dolliver

  2. God bless you all. It's great to read this!
    Ms Dolliver