Monday, August 15, 2011

Reflection by Joanne

This morning started early for me--twice. My roommate Janelle went to a meringue festival that started at midnight, but as I had gone 32 hours (give or take 15-45 minutes of BAD sleep) without sleep, I decided to hit the hay. I woke up briefly when she came in at 3:20am (how do people stay out that late?!) and then again when a mystery person knocked on our door at 6:40...a half hour earlier than we would have liked. Breakfast was given to us in a plastic bag, and off we went! We ate our ham and cheese sandwiches and various muffins, yogurt (one was Macedonia flavored! Yum, countries), and fruit on the hour-long bus ride to Toledo. Since today was a national holiday (Assumption of Mary), we couldn't just sit on the bus and talk...Bill, you'll LOVE this one. WE SAID A ROSARY. It gets better--I was sitting in the 2nd seat on the bus, and we were passing around the microphone to lead each decade of the rosary, so I knew that I would have to lead it. I'm not the best at rosaries, so I sat in my seat, counting how many prayers we had to say so I wouldn't mess it up. There was one that I didn't know, but luckily I was able to hand the mic over to my bus buddy, who kindly finished my decade.

When we got to Toledo we had mass in a monestary with Cardinal Sean. There were wooden about pain and suffering! Someone also hit the floor, which was a reminder to us to stay hydrated. I honestly thought Matty and I would suffer the same fate last night during mass, as we were both pale (myself more than usual....yes, it's possible) from lack of sleep and proper meals. Also, in the 2nd reading I heard "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death." I never knew that was a Bible quote....I knew it as Harry Potter. Whoops.

After mass we walked around Toledo and caught some great views (and I caught some air on the swing set!), and then it was time for lunch, which consisted of stale bread, hot soup (when it was already pretty hot outside...), slabs of beef, fries, and ice cream. And LOTS of water. Although the heat wasn't really bothering me. Perhaps it was the ocean-load of water that I drank today, or maybe because Spain is AWESOME, or maybe the lack of humidity....but it really wasn't that bad.

We went back to Toledo and Patty and I went Cathedral-hunting with Marshfield...we found it, but it wasn't open. We did pass by a bunch of joyful groups, though! Everyone's so excited to be here. We got back to the hotel and my room key didn't work again, for the 2nd time. But no worries, it's fixed now (I think). Fr. Jeremy let me have my pick of lots of state pins that his friend in K of C gave him. He told me that since not everyone speaks English, I can just pretend I'm from whatever state I give for me!

We had dinner at a restaurant where they only let us get sandwiches with our meal vouchers. We learned that in Spain, they don't cook their bacon very well. And that over here, Ben and Jerry's is even more overpriced. We wandered around for a bit and shouted greetings at other states and countries, and Matty and I got our picture with one of the moving statue street performers.

I think that's it for today. I certainly need a shower. Also, there's been a LOT of talk about our bidets...I'll let y'all decide who has used them so far.

Lastly--Hi to my parents and friends (or should I say Buddies?) Dan, say hi to everyone at work for me!


  1. Just clicking the Like button. Hope you continue to have a great time and drink lots. Uncle Scott

  2. Dear Joanne,
    Thanks for the reflection. Holy Toledo! Hi back to you from Mom and Dad and Buddies. Great picture of you and the group on the archdiocese website! God be with all of the Dragaroos.