Sunday, August 14, 2011

Paris to Madrid

Reflected by Paula

Day 1 turned into Day 2 while we were trying to sleep on the plane ride to France. The plane itself was huge - there was a second floor for seating!After arriving in France, the Pilgrims went shopping for french pastries, drinks, and gifts. As the time got closer to our next flight to Madrid, we headed over to our gate. There we ran into the Colombians who were excited and chanting towards our seats. We were asked to take pictures with them and then Sean brought over Juan Carlos, the St. Gt. George Dragaroo to get pictures with the Colombians. They were the first official signers for our World Youth Day banner!

The flight to Madrid was short and many of the Pilgrims slept through it. When we arrived in Madrid we gathered our luggage and got on buses to take us to our hotel - The Hotel Cliper!

After setting for about a half an hour, we met to go to our first official Boston Archdiocese Mass at San Gines. What a trip that was - over 45 minutes later and asking for directions from many people, we arrived with Chris Dube smiling at us!

At 10:30 PM Madrid time, we finally ate dinner - at Burger King!

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