Friday, August 26, 2011

Post Trip Entry 1

As I mentioned yesterday, we'll continue posting here after our return just to see how the influence of World Youth Day is being spread throughout our community. Oh me, first -- why not...

It was a quiet, slow and steady reentry, emptying backpacks, collecting treasures, starting the laundry, that is, until I sorted through the mail. There it was, a letter from the cemetery. I opened and voila my job was gone. They handed over my responsibilities to the administrative assistant. "Thanks for getting the process started," was the closing remark. But I loved my job. I loved every part of my job: the data entry, the research and discovery, the tender customer service. Loved, loved loved.

So what does World Youth Day have to offer in this situation? WYD tells me not to worry. Jesus, and His Mother, have a plan for me. There is someplace else I need to be. Someone else I need to reach out to. And it's okay. For when one door closes another will open.

I believe.

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