Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why Not Read All of Us

First our fearless leader, Leslee: Today we ascended a mountain and met the Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Montserrat. This is an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. James, the apostle. What an experience. The youth working together to open up their WYD faith experience was terrific.
Paul: Today was out last full day in Spain. It flew by so fast and I could have stayed another whole day at Montserrat. Everyday in Spain seemed shorter and shorter. I am so glad Jesus sent me here.

Joanne: That (the bus ride to Montserrat) was the most horrifying bus ride ever. Just a guard rail separated us from a 3000 foot drop over a cliff. And our bus was not going slowly around those curves.

Matty: Some not nice "catholic" devil stole my candle that I purchased, lit and placed on the candle rack... Thank you Joanne for jumping with me. It made me feel better.

Sean: Today we went around and had done reflections about what we had gotten out of the pilgrimage. We had several different things that we took out.

Terrence: I really enjoyed the bus tour. Seeing all the cool landscape and sitting with my pal, Patty.

Jeremy: As our trip was winding down today we took some time this afternoon to reflect upon our pilgrimage to present it this evening to the rest of the Boston group. I feel like I am ready to take what I have learned along this pilgrimage to bring it back home to help strengthen our parishes faith.

Vandella: Today I was told to wake up at 7 but I didn't have to get up until 9. I was very unhappy. I also got a part in our skit. I say, "This is a phone."

Editorial Note: St. George won the take away lesson skit contest. Free ice cream for all! YAHOO! Vanessa: Today was really cool. Montserrat was amazing. My favorite part of today was seeing all the candles lit before entering the church.

Paula: Our trip to Montserrat was unbelievable! The bus ride up the curvy road showed some beautiful sights which led to getting there. In the gift shop, I purchased a St. George statue- the patron saint of Montserrat. We saw beautiful stained glass windows in the monastry. Prior to going into our Mass, pilgrims from Italy approached Jeremy who were also from St. George! It is sad to see our pilgrimage end when I feel we have come together so far in our faith.

David: Our trip concluded as it began, with a side trip to a hilltop church, Montserrat. God provided the beauty on the outside and inspired that on the inside. The best part of the day was a discussion among us of what we will take home from the total pilgrimage experience. We all thought of something unique, but each was valid.

Patty:Today was another great pilgrimage day of growing closer to Christ through His Mother at Montserrat. The most remarkable time for me was reciting the rosary on the bus ride. I sat with Terrence. Old and young, we prayed to Our Mother.

Tomorrow we fly home. David will have the blog helm. But before what may be our final post allow me to thank you for stopping by and experiencing this wonderful World Youth Day with the St. George Parish Dragaroos. All of God's blessings be with you.


  1. Hi all! HOpe you've arrived home safe.It's been soooo good to read your blog. Thank you for sharing with us! Welcome home and see you all one day soon! Ms Dolliver