Sunday, August 21, 2011

Camping Out For God

Reflection by Matty and Terrence

It was quite the hike out there. The Metro was extremely snuggly. But well worth every stop and wait for Paul. At the air field we pitched camp at the side of the road, as there was no room in the section for us. It was a lovely hot day until the whipping devil of a wind came upon us.

We were at the hot dog stand buying food when the wind came up. So we crouched behind the counter and consumed our wieners. The winds were so powerful it was knocking down tables. Matty nearly got killed by flying napkins. But we survived.

As Terrence slept like a brick, Matty aided our delusional young adult until he went and bought more wieners. Then after a 5 AM trip to the bathroom Matty finally became sleeping beauty and woke up two hours later to trek back to the hotel. Terrence woke up at 5 AM, after Matty finally went to sleep. Later on Matty was asked to sit at Cardinal Sean's table for our last meal here in Madrid.

A note from Joanne:
To be honest, Adoration didn't really happen for many of us. We were too pre-occupied with our impending doom by tornado. But the sense of community that I felt with the Italians was awesome. Here I was in this group that the Italians had already yelled at, and yet Giovanni was the first one to come over and help me, proving that it doesn't matter if there are past conflicts. In addition, I really felt what it was like to be one of the homeless people here in Madrid (or elsewhere, really). We were sleeping on one of the main roads in the airfield, so people kept walking by and talking loudly....and smoking. Gross. So, like the homeless people sleeping in doorways, nobody cared if they woke you up. In addition, we were next to a massive ball of light which made it extremely difficult to fall asleep. It was also pretty cold, and it was difficult to keep wrapped in a blanket while also trying not to touch the dusty ground. I ended up leaving with the Revere team at around 6:30am because I knew I couldn't make it in the sunlight and the crowds, so I came back and took an AWESOME SHOWER and then watched/slept through the mass on tv in our hotel's breakfast room.
Lastly: Dear Parentals, if Mom is not working on Friday, could we have crockpot chicken and mashed potatoes? :D Dan, if you aren't working, want to come too??


  1. Thanks for the update, guys and Joanne. Good thing you like "weiners"!?! Hope today's Mass went well. I'm getting ready to watch it on TV. Safe travels and God blessl Ms Dolliver

  2. It sounds like your pilgrimage has been eye opening and faith building. I'm glad to hear that you survived the winds and rain mostly unscathed. I wish you a wonderful respite for the remainder of the week. Take care and God bless and thank you for representing St. George Parish. Mrs. C.

    Note to Joanne: Friday doesn't work. Thursday, Saturday or Sunday would, though. Yes, I'll see you at the bus on Thursday. Mom